5 Ways to avoid getting Coronavirus

Coronavirus which originated from a local food market of Wuhan, China, in December, 19 has taken down the whole world under its influence. The news of COVID-19 is all over the places. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus as a pandemic. The whole world is going through quarantine, companies are asking their employees to work from home. Even the financial market is shutting down and people are staying indoors trying to fight the situation. Right now, there is a state of panic and fear as everyone is afraid of this contagious disease which is causing every system clashing down.

According to latest information, a total of 1, 82,000 plus confirmed cases has been detected all across the world and the number is increasing at a very high rate. All countries are enforcing lockdown and trying everything possible to keep the situation in check. The situation is serious, and we need to cooperate with the officials and not the take situation lightly. As it is said, that precaution is always better than cure, so, here are 5 ways to avoid getting Corona virus.

No Need to Panic

In such a crucial situation, the first thing which is needed to be done is to remain calm and follow the guidelines issues by the authorised and doctors. The unnecessary panic will create even harder situation for us to deal. Just stay at your place and follow the guidelines issue by the officials. Cooperate with them to bring the situation under control. It is crucial to understand that panic is going to do no good to the situation.

Be Informed

Please don’t believe everything you read or listen about Coronavirus. Also, please avoid trying all the remedies going round on the internet. Rumours are spreading like blazing fire. Make sure to be rightly informed about the situation. Follow official websites, and government approved social media accounts to get information and news related to Coronavirus. Be aware, stay safe.

Maintain Hygiene

You need to understand that Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease but the rate of fatality is low. So, no need to panic, all you need to do is to take care of your basic hygiene to avoid the virus. Make sure keep yourself and your atmosphere fresh, warm and clean. Keep washing your hands and sanitizing it. Don’t worry if you ran out of sanitizer, just use your regular soap to wash your hand. Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth with your hands unnecessarily. Take care of these basic things and you are good to go.

Cancel Unnecessary Plans

Try to avoid everything not important and stay at your home. Follow your government’s order and maintain the quarantine. Use the mask and take precautions while travelling for unavoidable commitments. Don’t eat outside and maintain a healthy distance of 1 metre in public place.

If Feeling Unwell, Get Tested

If in any case, you are feeling unwell and showing any symptoms of Coronavirus, there is no need to panic, just get yourself tested. With the right treatment and care, you will get well very soon. Also, you can save further cases by taking the right step. Get in touch with your doctor, or government issued contact details. They will help you with every possible means.

Coronavirus pandemic is a tough situation for everyone across the world but if we will try to put our efforts and take preventive measure than surly we can fight this situation and come out winning. Take care of you and your family. Stay aware, stay safe.


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