Dossette Boxes

What is a dossette box?
A dossette box is a plastic box with separators that holds all your weekly medication.

If you take medications at different times of day, it can be confusing to remember which medication to take at what time and not missing anything. A dossette box makes this process easier: it has ‘Mon-Sun’ marked horizontally and time of the day is marked vertically. You can clearly see which medications need to be taken at what time.
Using a dossette box can significantly reduce the risk of errors.

How will I put my medications in a dossette box?
Once you request, we will organise your dossette boxes for you. You will receive 4 boxes for the whole month, each one covering a week’s supply.

How much does it cost?
This will cost you only £2 per month and there is no extra charge for delivery.