Should I have to take 50mg Viagra before 100mg?

I am trying to buy 100mg Viagra as recommended by a friend, but upon trying to checkout with the 100mg tablets, I was asked a question on whether I had taken 100mg before, but not on 50mg. I have seen my doctor in the past about my condition, however I have been prescribed the 25mg […]

Why is generic Viagra cheaper that branded viagra?

Hi there, hope you are well. I have had a look at the prices of generic Viagra which contains sildenafil citrate and the branded Viagra which also contains sildenafil citrate. My question is why there is such as large difference in the price of essentially the same medicine? Or is there any difference between the […]

Is sildenafil citrate the same as Viagra?

Some friends of mine have been telling me that they started to shift to the cheaper generic sildenafil citrate instead of viagra. However, they have been having a lot of side effects from sidenafil such as palpitations, etc. I have been a little sceptical because a generic medicine should be the same, right? Solution: Yes, […]

Is viagra better than cialis?

I have been a viagra user for a long time. Nearly 5 plus years. I have been told that cialis is better than viagra. Is it true? Solution: Firstly we must consider what your criteria for a better treatment is…. If you would like a medicine that lasts longer than cialis does last longer than […]

I am looking for a better erectile dysfunction treatment than Viagra.

Patient: I am looking for the best erectile dysfunction treatment. Something that can help me last longer in the bedroom. Can I increase my dose for Viagra? I currently suffer from ED and I take Viagra 50mg for it. I take the generic version of viagra which is sildenafil citrate. What else can I take? […]

I am having problems in bedroom with my erection. Can you help?

Patient: I am having problems with erections. I am currently 55 and I have been having this problem for the past 12 months. Can you help me? Solution: There could be many reasons for your problems with your erection. This condition is called erectile dysfunction. We can definitely help you. It is common in men […]

Is it true that I can drink too much water?

Yes it is true that your can drink too much water. You can have an excess of everything, even water…  We should only drink as much water as we feel thirsty for. Drinking too much water can lower the important levels of minerals such as salt, or sodium in your blood to a dangerously low […]

Does alcohol count towards my daily fluid/water intake?

Although most common forms of alcohol that we drink are already diluted with water, we should always aim to keep ourself hydrated when drinking alcohol. Alcohol can be very dehydrating and we should keep well hydrated.  And when drinking alcohol you should try to stick to the recommended guidelines for men and women. This can […]

Do other liquids such as tea, coffee, protein shake or juices count towards my daily water intake requirement?

As we have discussed before, you shouldn’t adhere to a set daily amount of water intake. The liquids above count as fluids intake as they all contain water. Your body indicates to you when you should drink water by making you feel thirsty. However, this does not contain fluids/liquids like alcohol and medicines as they […]