What can you do at home to treat Premature ejaculation?

premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem that restrains men from holding back a hasty orgasm. There is no standard time when a man should have a climax. However, if you end up releasing the semen within some seconds or even less, you and your partner may not achieve satisfaction. The element of pleasure and happiness will also be missing. Nevertheless, if you face such a condition, know that your problem has a cure. Medications, counselling, and home remedies, such as exercises, masturbation, and helpful foods and drinks, can help you get rid of this sexual problem. Therefore, consult with a urologist. He may identify the cause responsible for your dysfunction and begin with effective premature ejaculation remedy. 

Home Remedies

Home remedies can assist in getting rid of your sexual problem. Doing regular exercises and eating a supportive diet can lend you a hand to defeat the condition. You can consult with your urologist for some helpful methods. Nevertheless, some of the effective remedies you can do at home are-

Pelvic floor exercises

Weak pelvic muscles can trigger a hasty orgasm. Nevertheless, doing Kegel exercises can help your muscles regain potency and assist in holding back the climax as per your convenience or want. You can consult with your specialist about these workouts and their importance in addressing premature ejaculation. However, the following are steps to do it-

  1. Stop urination in the midway and see which muscles are involved in the same work. You may find the relevant muscles this way.
  2. Now, make them stiff for a count of three or five and then rest for the same duration.
  3. Redo this exercise at least thrice a day.
Pause and squeeze method

In this method, you may need the help of your partner. Discuss with your specialist how you can do the pause and squeeze technique. However, the way of doing this method for premature ejaculation is also mentioned below. You can have a look-

  1. Start the sexual performance in a usual manner as you do.
  2. When you experience having early semen, ask your partner to squeeze your organ from the end and do the same until it pushes back the fluid.
  3. Afterward, start the intercourse again and do the same according to your need.

As your body leans to attain orgasm at a considerable and desirable time, you may not need to repeat the pause and squeeze method repeatedly. Nevertheless, it may take some time, so don’t lose hope.

Start and stop method

This approach can also help in premature ejaculation treatment. In start and stop method, men are suggested to start sexual intercourse normally and stop the intercourse when they feel like having an orgasm so soon. Afterward, they can begin again when the sensation of the penis subsides.

This method can be helpful for men who feel pain and discomfort when their partner squeezes their organs. Therefore, if you are one of them, go for it.


Foods and drinks are crucial factors for your health. No matter what problem you are going through, taking a helpful diet will help defeat it in some or the other way. Even if you are healthy, diet plays a vital role in maintaining your well-being. Nevertheless, for premature ejaculation, try adding the following foodstuffs to your diet-

  • Dark chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Yogurt
  • Kidney beans
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Almonds
  • Peas
  • Oysters
  • Spinach

Is it possible to prevent ejaculatory problems?

If you are the prey of premature ejaculation risk factors, avoiding the condition can be difficult. Nevertheless, some measures can help prevent this condition.

Quit smoking

The harmful chemicals of tobacco can deteriorate the condition of PE. Nicotine, a dominant ingredient of cigarettes, blocks the arteries in the penis and narrows them, disturbing the ejaculation, often resulting in an early discharge.

Quit smoking to make your your treatment successful. Nevertheless, you can also consult your doctor about ways to get over nicotine addiction.

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol can lead to temporary or persistent premature ejaculation. If you drink a lot, it can afflict your central nervous system, which forward messages to stimulate firmness and trigger the semen. Eventually, a disturbed central nervous system can lead to a hasty orgasm.

Take adequate sleep at night

Poor sleep can cause a decline in testosterone levels in the men’s body. The low level of this hormone can lead to sexual problems like low sex drive and sometimes a hasty climax. Therefore, improve your bedtime and take around 7-8 hours of sleep in the night.

Look at the medication you take and talk with your doctor

Some medications can cause ejaculatory problems, including sertraline, fluoxetine, clomipramine, and paroxetine. Therefore, speak to your doctor about the medicines you use before undergoing premature ejaculation healing procedures. Your condition may be an outcome or side effect of those drugs.  

These are some preventive measures for ejaculatory issues. Eat a supportive diet and try natural remedies, which can help get rid of your problem. In addition, doing regular exercises and using medications on time can help in successful treatment.      

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