Smoking: How many cigarettes a day is bad?


No matter how many cigarettes you fume in a day, it is unhealthy for your health. Once you start smoking, you become captivated. Nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, and acetone are the harmful chemicals present in tobacco. They not only harm the lungs but also cause damage to your entire body, including all your systems. Quitting smoking can be difficult. However, it isn’t impossible or impractical. Some people remain successful in abandoning the habit of smoking with or without quit smoking aids. There are multiple prescription and non-prescription medicines that can help people leave fuming cigarettes. Champix is one of the most effective and recommended treatments for smoking. You can consult with your doctor about it. Moreover, ask how to use it for the best results.

Why should you quit smoking?

There are numerous benefits of quitting. Many of them are well known, such as improved body functions, enhanced senses of taste and smell, and healthy and well-working anatomy. In addition to these benefits, the following are some critical factors about smoking-

Most preventable reason for early death

The World health organization (WHO) says tobacco is the single permissible drug that murders many consumers as projected by the makers.

A most recent estimate by WHO

It says that 7 million people around the globe lose their lives because of tobacco consumption. The estimation also includes the 890,000 deaths of people who were exposed to second-hand smoke and passive smoke.

There is no doubt that smoking elevates the threat of various chronic health conditions. One of them is Atherosclerosis. It takes place when the greasy deposits coagulate within the arteries; as a result, the blood flow gets limited. It increases the risk of Coronary artery diseases or stroke.

Smoking is risky for men; more harmful for women

The risk of heart disease and other health conditions is more in smokers than the people who do not smoke. Many pieces of research show that women are more prone to the harmful effects of nicotine and other damaging components of tobacco than men are.

No matter you fume one or two cigarettes; tobacco is harmful. The vascular system, lung function, heart functions, digestive system, reproductive system, and all other functions in the body remain at risk because of nicotine and other harmful chemicals present in tobacco.

Absolute lay off is the guardian

Do not trust any statements claiming that smoking only one cigarette a day reduces the threat of diseases. Tobacco smoke is never safe, even if you smoke one cigarette in a day.

These are some of the non-ignorable facts of smoking. In addition to them, there are certain myths that people take wrong. They are as follows-

Light cigarettes are alright

Light, extreme light or gentle cigarettes are some types of tobacco. They are shaped with diverse papers, filters, or blends of tobacco. It makes people think that a specific type of cigarette is safe, and they end up buying them. However, the story is dissimilar on the other end. The tar present in the lighter cigarette is as harmful as that of the regular one.

Even if you smoke light cigarettes, which are not light in real, quit it. You can find numerous reasons to abandon smoking. Champix is one of the well-working quit smoking treatments that can help get rid of your life-threatening habit. You can consult with your doctor for its proper usage. Moreover, using nicotine replacement products, exercises, and spending time with family and friends can also help.

In general, tobacco companies are forbidden from addressing any cigarette as light. However, you may still identify the same products in attractive packaging.

Occasional smoking is not risky

Some people think smoking on occasions like social gatherings or parties and fuming cigarettes just a few days a week will prevent them from harmful effects. It is to understand that every time you smoke a cigarette, you invite severe health conditions. There is no protected intensity of coming in contact with tobacco smoke.

People think smoking one or two days a week will not damage her body and its function. However, this isn’t true. Even small amounts can make you prone to heart diseases, lung infections, and other severe and irreversible health problems. Moreover, you should know that people who smoke heavily cannot reduce their risk of health conditions even if they cut cigarette exposure by half.

It is too tardy to abandon the habit

It is never too late to quit smoking. The moment you put down the cigarette from your hands, intending never to hold it again, you are favouring your health and its improvement.

Bodily functions become better when you quit. After abandoning the habit, you can see positive results yourself. The body gets an opportunity to heal the damages caused by smoking. Moreover, you will also have a reduced risk of stroke, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.

E-cigarettes are a hearty option

You may endorse e-cigarettes as a healthy option. In reality, they are not. E-cigarettes also contain ultrafine units, nicotine, and other dangerous chemicals and flavourings, which can damage your lungs.
The vital aspect to see is the long-term effect of smoking. Smoking is harmful, and you cannot deny it. No matter you smoke a usual cigarette or an e-cigarette.

Smoking isn’t so dangerous

Even if you eat fruits and healthy vegetables, exercise, and take proper care of yourself and your body, it is still harmful to smoke. Every cigarette you smoke is annihilating your body. As discussed above, it is the most avoidable cause of early death. No research can prove that diet and exercise can reverse the damaging effect of smoking.

Behind everything, you are prone to stroke, lung diseases, cancer, and heart diseases if you are a smoker. The only and best way to diminish the possibilities of illnesses because of smoking is to quit.

Quitting may be challenging. However, once you aim to achieve your purpose, you would do it. Take the help of your healthcare provider for quit smoking treatments like Champix and nicotine replacement therapy. In addition, you can also rely upon home remedies like a healthy diet, exercises, relaxation practices, and other relaxing methods.

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