Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and More

Fetal syndrome is a situation in a child that results because of consumption during the mother’s pregnancy. Fetal syndrome can cause brain damage and affect the growth of the child. The complications that occur because of fetal syndrome differ from child to child. However, the deformities caused by Fetal syndrome are irreversible.

                                      fetal alcohol syndrome

No amount of alcohol is considered safe to have during pregnancy; if you still take it, you are risking your child’s life.

If you suppose that your child is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome, consult your doctor as soon as you can. Early treatment can help in reducing the symptoms and the growth of fetal alcohol syndrome into your child’s body.

Symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome may differ from child to child because of the stages they are suffering from. However, the symptoms can be seen in the following fields-

  • Physical shortcomings
  • Abnormal facial features

             abnormal facial                              

  • Vision defects and hearing issues
  • Abnormalities in joints, fingers, or limbs
  • Heart-related problems and kidney and bones disorders.

Nervous System-Related issues

  • Deprived coordination and difficulty in balancing
  • Frequent changes in mood

                                   frequent face change                   

  • Difficulty in paying attention
  • Learning disorders and delay in development

                                 learning disorder         

  • Reduced judgment qualities
  • Hyperactivity
  • Behavioral and social problems
  • Problem with personality and impulse control
  • Difficulty in going to school
  • Unfortunate social qualities
  • Issues to stay in an activity and switching to some other task
  • Difficulty in engaging with others

                           difficulty in engaging

  • Poor planning and working for an aim

Causes of Fetal alcohol syndrome

When you drink alcohol during pregnancy-

  • Alcohol gets ahead of the placenta and reaches the fetus
  • Alcohol leads to high blood alcohol absorption in your growing baby more than your body since a fetus absorb alcohol slower than an adolescent does
  • Alcohol gets in the way with the deliverance of oxygen and finest nourishment to your growing fetus. The revelation of alcohol earlier than birth can lastingly harm the brain of your baby

The more volume of alcohol you drink during your pregnancy, the more your child becomes prone to his/her brain damage, heart, and nervous problems. The development of heart and blood vessels takes place in the very early stage of pregnancy, so a little amount of alcohol even when you assume that you are pregnant, can severely afflict your unborn baby.

Diagnosis of Fetal alcohol syndrome

A proficient and comprehensive assessment is needed in the diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome. The doctor may-

  • Ask you about your pattern during your pregnancy
  • Keep an eye on the child’s defects in the initial age or for years

The doctor can examine for other issues and difficulties, the child is facing.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is also found in children who have other diseases. If your child is assumed to have fetal alcohol syndrome, your doctor may recommend your child to a neurologist or an expert with particular training in treating fetal alcohol syndrome. The healthcare providers then dig out other diseases and their signs and symptoms, which are similar to that of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Treatment of fetal alcohol syndrome

There is no successful and explicit treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome. In most of the cases, the physical defects and mental deformities stay life-long. However, early treatment can reduce the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome and prevent the resulting defects. These services may contain-

  • Early treatments for talking, walking and social qualities
  • Making the parents understand their child’s disorder and help him/her get better
  • Giving them physical, speech and occupational therapy

                                   occupational therapy

  • Telling the children the effects of alcohol and its products
  • Availing them special services in the school to improve learning habits and behavior
  • Medication for vision problems, health issues, and heart ailments

If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, seek help of your doctor or take an online doctor consultation to quit it before having a pregnancy and until the phase of your motherhood. The quitting of alcohol will save the life of a future fetus and would give him/her a healthy and happy life.

Prevention from Fetal alcohol syndrome

  • Stay away from alcohol when you are planning and trying to get pregnant
  • Avoid alcohol all through your pregnancy

                              no alcohol during pregnancy          

  • Abandon alcohol for your motherhood years
  • If you are addicted to alcohol, seek help to leave this habit before getting pregnant

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