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7 Ways to Relieve Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common digestion related condition that feels like a burning sensation and mild pain. Also known as heartburn, the sensations is normally felt in food pipe and lower chest regions. It is a digestive problem in which the stomach acid flows back into the food pipe and causes burning and irritation. If […]

5 Ways to avoid getting Coronavirus

Coronavirus which originated from a local food market of Wuhan, China, in December, 19 has taken down the whole world under its influence. The news of COVID-19 is all over the places. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus as a pandemic. The whole world is going through quarantine, companies are asking their […]

15 Misconceptions about Viagra

Viagra, also known as the blue pill, was originally developed by UK scientists. It was later marketed by the US pharmaceutical company, Pfizer Inc. Viagra happens to be one of the most discussed and controversial medical drug in the market from last 30 years. It is used most commonly for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. […]

Is viagra better than cialis?

I have been a viagra user for a long time. Nearly 5 plus years. I have been told that cialis is better than viagra. Is it true? Solution: Firstly we must consider what your criteria for a better treatment is…. If you would like a medicine that lasts longer than cialis does last longer than […]

I am having problems in bedroom with my erection. Can you help?

Patient: I am having problems with erections. I am currently 55 and I have been having this problem for the past 12 months. Can you help me? Solution: There could be many reasons for your problems with your erection. This condition is called erectile dysfunction. We can definitely help you. It is common in men […]

How much water should I drink?

Often your are advised that you should aim for a certain amount of water a day! Well there hasn’t been any scientific study to prove any such amount that you should adhere to. Ever person is unique and they have a unique requirement for daily water intake. Our bodies regulate how much water our body […]

Does alcohol count towards my daily fluid/water intake?

Although most common forms of alcohol that we drink are already diluted with water, we should always aim to keep ourself hydrated when drinking alcohol. Alcohol can be very dehydrating and we should keep well hydrated.  And when drinking alcohol you should try to stick to the recommended guidelines for men and women. This can […]

Do other liquids such as tea, coffee, protein shake or juices count towards my daily water intake requirement?

As we have discussed before, you shouldn’t adhere to a set daily amount of water intake. The liquids above count as fluids intake as they all contain water. Your body indicates to you when you should drink water by making you feel thirsty. However, this does not contain fluids/liquids like alcohol and medicines as they […]

FAQ: How an order is processed?

A doctor will now review your questionnaire responses. What happens next? You have been sent an email explaining exactly what happens next. If the doctor needs more information, they will send a message to your Patient Record asking you to respond. If appropriate, the doctor will make treatment available for you to order through your Patient Record. […]