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How can you treat erectile dysfunction caused by high blood pressure?

erectile dysfunction

Before your doctor prescribes any remedy for erectile dysfunction, he may ask you about the way you are controlling your blood pressure. Moreover, he may also ask about the medications you are taking for the same concern. If you are consulting the same doctor, you are undergoing the treatment from, he may know the information […]

What is the relationship between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is are common until they happen temporarily. However, if a man faces difficulty in maintaining and sustaining an erection during sexual intercourse, we recommend he should consult with a doctor. Men can face sexual problems such as impotence at some point in their lives. However, if you are facing such a condition very […]

Erectile dysfunction: What is the best over the counter ED pill?

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in men. In such a condition, men cannot attain or maintain penis firmness during sex. Some men get an erection but lose it within a few minutes; sustaining it becomes difficult. Some men cannot get an erection at all. Getting an erection and losing it after some minutes is […]

How successful is Viagra at treating ED in diabetics?

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in men, which results in causing a weak erection during sex. Various causes can cause the problem. Nevertheless, impotence treatment is possible through various methods. When men are aroused for sexual activity, the brain transmits the signals to the related nerves to excite the blood flow in the organ, […]

How are erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety interrelated?

erectile dysfunction

Men can face sexual issues at times. Among them, erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety are the most common ones. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem. It causes a weak erection during sex. However, performance anxiety takes place when a man faces stress about the inability to make his partner happy. Additionally, it also involves concern […]

What are the differences between erectile dysfunction and impotence?

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and impotence are often used correspondently. However, both terms have different meanings. Many reports also claim that ED. was formerly known as impotence. We will learn the differences between them in this article. Know that both of the conditions have effective treatments. Consult your doctor if you face sexual issues or problems with […]

What are premature ejaculation symptoms? How can you get rid of them?

premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction in men, which prevents them from lasting longer in bed. As result, they ejaculate quicker, even less than a minute after the start of sexual intercourse. There is no fixed time when a man should attain the climax. However, if you have the semen this soon, you are your […]



Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be caused by a lot of different things. Sometimes, it’s just because a person is getting older. Other times, it’s the result of some kind of injury or surgery. For others, though, it might be because of something that they can actually fix. First, there are “reversible” causes of ED. […]

What are the best premature ejaculation remedies?

premature ejaculation remedies

Facing ejaculatory problems at times can be normal. However, consult with a urologist for an effective remedy if you experience a hasty orgasm very often or every time you engage with your partner. There is no standard time when you should have a climax. Nevertheless, if you end up too soon, you and your partner […]

How much do the drugs for erection problems cost?

erection problems

Treatment for erection problems is possible through multiple options, including medications, penile pumps, injections, and surgery. Medications belonging to the drug class of PDE-5 inhibitors are a well-accepted and effective remedy for a weak erection. Nevertheless, these medications are Cialis, Spedra, Levitra, and Viagra. A range of medicines can help alleviate impotence. They may work […]

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