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Gestational Diabetes: What is it? Should I be worried?

Gestational diabetes is high blood glucose that develops during pregnancy. Approximately in the UK 16 in 100 women will develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. It can develop at any stage during pregnancy, however its more common during the second & third trimesters and disappears after giving birth. It is thought that the hormonal changes in […]

Melanoma : Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Prevention and More

Melanoma is the most severe kind of skin cancer. It grows in the (melanocytes) cells that generate melanin. Melanin is the pigment that facilitates the skin its color. Melanoma can also develop in your eyes, throat, or nose.                   The exact reason for developing melanoma isn’t known. However, it is believed that melanoma grows in […]

Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factor, Prevention and More

Breast Cancer is a kind of cancer that develops in the breast cells. Breast Cancer can take place in men and women both and most commonly found in women so far.                            Researches and considerable support has helped in disseminating awareness about Cancer. The rate of continued existence has increased, and the […]

Period Delay : Causes, Effect, Diagnosis, Treatments and More

Period delay is a situation when you do not have your periods for 30 days from the time of start of your previous period. If you do not experience your period for 6 weeks from your last period, it can be said as a missed period.                   […]

Smoking: How to Quit Smoking, Substances Used Causes, Effects, and More

Quit Smoking is the practice of inhaling and exhaling an enkindled plant. The most commonly used substance for smoking is a cigarette. A cigarette is a little, in circles, a cylinder-like substance made up of condensed leaves of the tobacco plant. It is then rolled up in a rice paper, and formed as a substance […]

Malaria treatment: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and More

Malaria treatment :Malaria is an illness caused by a parasite. When an infected female anopheles mosquito bites the human being, the parasite is passed on to them. People, who suffer from Malaria, generally feel sick, with an elevated fever.                               However, […]

Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Remedies and More

Depression is categorized as a mood disorder. It can be explained as feelings of failure, misery, or anger that intervene with a person’s everyday actions.                               Different people go through depression in dissimilar ways. It can interfere with poor efficiency, leading to lost time and your daily activities. Depression can also have an effect […]

Hair loss : Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and More

Hair loss is a situation when you experience a constant loss of hair from your scalp. The accurate name of hair loss is Alopecia. Hair loss can be caused due to factors like growing age, hereditary factors, or casual disease.                                      The loss of hair can be seen in men, women and even in […]

15 Misconceptions about Viagra

Viagra, also known as the blue pill, was originally developed by UK scientists. It was later marketed by the US pharmaceutical company, Pfizer Inc. Viagra happens to be one of the most discussed and controversial medical drug in the market from last 30 years. It is used most commonly for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. […]

Does alcohol count towards my daily fluid/water intake?

Although most common forms of alcohol that we drink are already diluted with water, we should always aim to keep ourself hydrated when drinking alcohol. Alcohol can be very dehydrating and we should keep well hydrated.  And when drinking alcohol you should try to stick to the recommended guidelines for men and women. This can […]

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