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Omeprazole: What is the best way to use this medicine?


Omeprazole is a well-working medicine for treating acid reflux. This medication is a part of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), which decrease the amount of stomach acid. In addition to gastrointestinal oesophagus reflux disease (GERD), the drug can help relieve stomach ulcers and infections. Consult your healthcare provider if you experience symptoms, such as sore throat, […]

Hay fever: What are the symptoms and What can trigger the disease?

hay fever

Hay fever, also called allergic rhinitis, is a condition caused by an allergic reaction to pollen. Pollen is a fine powder released by plants, which helps fertilize other plants. When someone with the disease breathes in pollen, their immune system reacts by releasing histamines. The condition causes symptoms, such as sneezing, a runny nose, and […]

Acid reflux: What are the causes? How can you relieve the condition?

acid reflux

Acid reflux is a medical condition involving stomach acids flowing back into the oesophagus. The acid moves up (refluxes) when your lower oesophageal sphincter (LES), the muscle at the bottom of your food pipe, relaxes at the wrong time. Usually, this muscle acts like a one-way valve. It allows food to pass into the stomach, […]

What is Migraine? How do you get rid of such headaches?


Migraine is a neurological disorder, which causes severe headaches. It leaves people suffering from great pain, which makes doing things difficult. However, you can look for effective remedy for migraine symptoms, which can help manage your symptoms. It is usually caused by the excessive release of chemicals called excitatory transmitters. This happens due to certain […]

Acne: What is the most appropriate treatment? Where do you get them from?


You should know that there is no universal miracle product to fight all types of acne. However, if you use a well-planned and adapted remedy for pimples, it will be most effective. Before starting any kind of remedy, it is significant to understand the type of zits you have and the cause that results in […]

What is Acid Reflux Condition and when does it happen?

Acid reflux is a condition that causes heartburn and sore throat as its symptoms. A person develops the condition when the stomach acid leaves the lower esophagus sphincter (LES) and reaches the food pipe. There can be other symptoms of acid reflux other than heartburn and sore throat. Nevertheless, effective medicines for acid reflux can […]

What is Insomnia…signs, and treatment for tackling it!

Insomnia the inability to obtain sufficient sleep; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness “It is estimated that 1 in 3 of us will suffer from insomnia at some point in our lives”   Signs and symptoms Finding it hard to fall asleep Lying awake at night Waking up several times during the night Waking up […]

What is Sleep Hygiene! Getting into a healthy sleep pattern…

Sleep hygiene refers to various practices and habits that enable you to have the best nights sleep. Practising good sleep hygiene is crucial for both your physical and mental health. Too little, or even too much sleep, as well as various factors surrounding your daily routine, can have a huge impact on your general quality […]

Gestational Diabetes: What is it? Should I be worried?

Gestational diabetes is high blood glucose that develops during pregnancy. Approximately in the UK 16 in 100 women will develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. It can develop at any stage during pregnancy, however its more common during the second & third trimesters and disappears after giving birth. It is thought that the hormonal changes in […]

What is Diabetes, How does it affect health conditions?

Diabetes is a serious health condition that affects 1 in 15 people in the UK. It’s a condition where the glucose level in your blood is too high, we all need glucose in our blood as this is what gives us energy. Our body receives this glucose when the carbohydrates we eat and broke down […]

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