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How can I cure constipation and prevent it from happening again?


Constipation is a condition when a person cannot defecate in a normal way. The time between the bowel movement is hard and uncomfortable or requires much effort to pass stool from the rectum. It can be diagnosed when a person does not have a bowel movement in three days, despite trying hard. However, the medical […]

Omeprazole: What is the best way to use this medicine?


Omeprazole is a well-working medicine for treating acid reflux. This medication is a part of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), which decrease the amount of stomach acid. In addition to gastrointestinal oesophagus reflux disease (GERD), the drug can help relieve stomach ulcers and infections. Consult your healthcare provider if you experience symptoms, such as sore throat, […]

Weight loss: How can you get the best results from a fat burner?

fat burner

Orlistat is the active component in Xenical, a prescription medicine that can help in getting rid of obesity. The medication obstructs some fat you consume from being soaked up by your body. This unabsorbed flab then flushes out of your body through faeces. If you have a meal with more fat than your body can […]

How long is it safe to delay your period? Can medications help?

delay your period

Speak with your gynaecologist if you want to delay your period for a particular event, such as a wedding or holiday. She may advise you to use a medicine containing a very small amount of oestrogen and gestagen (progestogen) at the time you expect your flow. This medication (mini-pill) is different from other birth control […]

Weight loss : How to lose belly fat? What medications can help?

lose belly fat

Xenical is a well-working pill to lose belly fat. It works by blocking the absorption of fatty foods from the intestines. Moreover, the medication contains Orlistat, which belongs to a group of drugs called lipase inhibitors. It is only accessible with a doctor’s direction. In addition, you should use it under regular medical supervision only. […]

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